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Create Animated Charts

When you to create a new project,  to simplify the process of finding the right template for your data visualization needs.

You can easily filter by categories of infographic types as well as size (ex. Single charts, Reports or Infographics). You can also search by keywords for the type of infographic you want to create.

First choose a report template.

Create animated charts and reports

Type or Insert your Data.

Create animated chart for presentation, infographic, and reports

Select your chart type. 

Visualize your charts with

If applicable, compare data sets.

Insert data to compare data sets

Apply and update colors to style your chart.


Change your chart color

Customize chart settings

Change your data setting

Preview your chart.

Preview your animated chart

Share or download with your Audience.
Share and download your data

For a full step by step refer to this topic on the Visual Learning Center  or watch the video below:

Video – How to create animated Charts

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