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Import PDFs into Published Projects

Import PDFs into Published Projects

Did you know that within My Files, you can upload PDF forms that can be published to your projects, and then downloaded by your viewers? This is a terrific way to share important documents within a centralized location — like a training module, pitch deck, or important reports/presentation.

Select a presentation from your Dashboard and open the Editor window. Select the slide that you would like your PDF to be placed within. The My Files section can be accessed on the left sidebar.

When you click Add File(s) at the top, select the destination where your PDF file is located and upload it (note how you can upload from local a well as other online applications). Once it’s been added to your My Files library, you can easily published it to your project by clicking Add to Canvas.

Resize and position your PDF file within your project, and then test it by going into Present mode. Whenever your project is published and shared to be presented to others, the PDF itself becomes a dynamic element on the viewer’s screen. When viewers hover their mouse over the documents, a control bar menu appears underneath, with the option to download located at the far right.

Also note that in the control bar your viewers have the option to change pages if the document has multiple pages, zoom in or out, as well as change the page setup (Page Fit is selected by default).

Once downloaded, your viewer will have a copy of your original PDF file.

Note: While My Files dows allow you to upload other image types (JPG, PNG, GIF, & SVG formats), these formats will not ave the same download functionality or interaction for your viewers as a PDF.

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