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Resizing Objects

Resizing Objects

To resize, transform, and rotate objects in Visme is very easy. You can do it manually or you can input exact pixel values for sizing and angles. Here’s how:

Inside the Editor window of your Project, select the object you wish to resize. The Coordinates Panel will appear in the bottom right of the editor window and the corners of the object will have resizing dots that you may click to drag: expanding or reducing the size of that object (more on that below).

You can use the Lock icon to hardset the proportions of your object and Unlock icon to free transform the object’s proportions, which is particularly useful when you need to change a square into a rectangle for example. The.

In the Coordinates Panel, you have the options to edit the pixel Width, Height, X and Y axis positions, as well as adjusting the Angle of the object’s rotation. To input new values, click the one you wish to change, and either type in a precise pixel or angle size width your keyboard. Additionally, you can use the up and down keys on your computer’s keyboard to make incremental changes.

To use the mouse to resize the objects, click on any one of the four corner dots and drag the item to its desired size. You can also use your mouse to change the angle of your object’s rotation by clicking the Rotate icon.

If your object appears to be very small in size in proportion to the zoom level of your Editor, them only one corner dot will appear for resizing.

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