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Cropping or resizing your photos is a good way to focus on a particular area of the image, or to make it smaller or larger, depending on the needs for your design. Changing the size of a photo is easy to do.

The crop tool in Visme allows you to crop images that are already in the library or you can also upload your own image and then crop within Visme.

How to Crop an image

First you need to select your image.  If your image is locked, you will need to first unlock it in order to select it.

Sometimes this is the case with templates or you may have locked the object so you don’t accidentally move it while designing


Click on the crop option under properties.


Begin cropping your image by moving and dragging the white pointers:


You can also input exact size in the crop area size parameters (ex. 316 X 190 could be change to 400 X 190, etc..)

Watch a Video: How to Edit, Crop and Frame Images

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