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An additional feature has been added in Audio Section.

Visme allows the ability to record audio which will provide you the option to save your recorded audio to My Library (located in your audio panel on left of Visme editor) and insert it directly to your presentation or infographics.

Select Audio Tool from Left Tool Panel.

Click Audio icon to access audio section

From the upper part of the audio lists, you can see Add Audio and Record Audio. There you are! Select Record Audio.


For your recording to be successful, you have to select to Share Selected Device for the microphone to be accessed by the application.


Click on the red circle at the bottom of the page and start to speak on the microphone to start the recording.

You know when the recording starts because you can see a Recording caption beside the recording length. Once done, click on the red circle again.



You have the option to save your recorded audio by clicking on the check button on the left side of Save to Library Ready. If you didn’t like your recording, you can repeat previous steps to record a flawless one.


You can now attach your recorded audio to your presentation or infographics whichever slide you want it to be.


Watch Video Tutorial:

Helpful Tips:
– Whenever you wanted to rename your recorded audio into something more user-friendly, you can do it after attaching the audio. Click the Gear button beside the recorded audio and select More Settings. It will take you to Audio Settings which lets you do what you want to do with the attached audio.

– For a more in depth coverage of Audio features in Visme you can also visit our Visual Learning Center’s audio voice over topic.

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