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Using Visme you can in just a couple of clicks make any project Public or Private.

By default all projects are in Public mode. Your project will only be viewable to public after you publish it.

 If you want to make a published project Private where only those with a password can view its content,  you can do so via the Publish Tab, click the Private option, and then tun on the Password protection feature.

 Once you do that you will be prompted to enter a password.

 Once you apply, your project will be password protected and only those with the password can view the project’s content.

Password protected content

How do Private Visme Projects work with Robots and Search Engines?

A project that is made private with Visme would not be indexable by Search Engines. Projects are set to no follow so Robots such as Google following this protocol should not index the content.

Note that if you have a project that is Public and then you make it Private, if it is already indexed by Google when it was Public, it can take days/weeks for Google to revisit and remove it from its index as a Private project.

When a project is private, only those you give URL to can get to it. And if you make the private project also password protected (an option under Privacy) then only those with URL and password can view it.

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