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Aside from inserting and customizing audio in your Visme presentations and infographics, you can also upload audio of your choice from your local folder and insert it to your presentation or infographic to make it lively.

The uploaded audio will be stored in My Library tab which you can then use for later purposes, or anytime you want. Sit back and relax because this is gonna be easy.

First thing you will do to upload audio, click on Audio Tool from left Tool Panel.

Click Audio icon to access audio section

Select Add Audio above Free Library. A pop-up window will appear which will let you proceed to the next step.

Click "Add Audio" to upload your MP3 file

Click on Select File and browse for audio you want to upload. This feature only limits to one audio at a time, so if you want to upload many audio files, you can do it one at a time for the meantime.

Select audio file from local to upload to visme

Once selected, click Open for the file to be ready for upload.

Select your local mp3 audio file

You’re almost there! For the last step, click Upload.

Upload your audio mp3 file.

Once the upload completes, click My Library in the Audio Tool Menu. You will notice that the uploaded file will automatically be attached to your current slide.

after audio upload

Helpful Tips:

  • Visme supports MP3 files up to 5 megabytes for upload. If you have larger files, make sure to size down to 5MB or less before the upload.
  • You can also record audio in Visme. Learn more about recording Audio.
  • After file upload you can customize your audio settings.

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