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When to use grids

Here’s the steps:

Login to your account and open a project in Visme.

Click on the menu option on top left of your project.

Choose the View Options option  to display Grid options.

Customize your Grid display options.


There are three primary options to select from:

Show Grid: You can turn on grids (Show Grid), which when turned on will give you further options to customize your grid preferences.

Grid Size:  This allows you to set the size of each grid square on your stage area.   For example you can set it to small grids such as 40X40 pixels to increase number of total grids on stage (smaller areas to work with) or you can set it to larger (ex. 100X100) so you can work with less number of grids.    You can also set the width and height of your grid to different sizes all depending on what your needs are for your design.

Opacity: This will allow you to decide how transparent your grid line is.  The higher the % value the less of the grid lines you will have visible on your stage.


Snap to Grid:  Allows you to snap objects to the grid lines.  When turned on, the snap option will act as a virtual magnet, where as an object is dragged close to a grid lines , it will gravitated towards the approaching grid and snap to it.     This is used to more easily attach corner of objects to grids.

Snap to Objects: Similar to snap to grid when turned on, rather than grid lines becoming magnetic, it allows objects as they approach each other during dragging to snap to each other.  This is useful when you wish to design pieces where content will need to sit tight next to each other.

Watch Video: How to Use Grids to Align Content

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