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Can I make my work Private?

You can easily make your project Public or Private in just couple of clicks.

If you want to make a published project Private where only people with a link or password can view the content, all you have to do is click Share at the top right of the screen. You then click Share Privately option in Share Online page.

Share Privately gives you the option to Share with anyone, Share with my Team or Anyone with the link can view. After you select one from the dropdown menu, click on the Generate link. 

You will then see a window pop up telling you to stop publishing if you previously set your project public.

Once you click Stop Publishing, it will give you an option to enter a password.

If you choose to put a password to your project, it will be password protected and only those with the password can view the project’s content.

Password protected content

How do Private Visme Projects work with Robots and Search Engines?

If you make your project Private in Visme, it would not be indexable by Search Engines. Robots such as Google would not index your content so if people search for your project, it can’t be found.

Note: If you have a project that your previously had it as Public but you then make it Private, it can take days/weeks for Google to revisit and remove it from its index as a Private project if it is already indexed by Google when it was Public.

When a project is private, only those you give the URL to can view it. If you also make the project private with password protected (an option under Privacy), then only those with URL and password can view it.

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