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Quickly Change & Format Fonts In Visme

Visme’s templates are a great starting point for your projects, but if the default fonts within the template don’t match your company’s brand, you can change them quickly and easily by using My Brand Fonts and the Copy Style tool!

Note: Adding Fonts to the My Brand area is a feature that requires a premium subscription.

Here’s how to get started:

If you haven’t already, from your Dashboard, select My Brand and set up your brand’s fonts, logos, and theme colors. You can learn much more about this process at this resource.

Inside the editor window, select an object that has a font you’d like to change. Navigate to the top left of the editor and open the Font drop-down menu, then select the font you’d like to use from MY BRAND FONTS, which will be located at the very top of the font dropdown window.

Note: You can adjust the spacing, text box fill, border, and other formatting settings within the More window on the far right side of the text options.

Within the font updated, you’re ready to quickly change the font of other elements, too! Keep the object selected, then navigate to the right of the editor window and click the Copy Style tool. With just one click, the object’s properties – including it’s font – are now ready to be pasted onto other elements in your project.

Your mouse is now empowered with the ability to quickly change fonts (and colors) across your project! Use it just as you would a magic wand and quickly click and change your design objects to match your desired fonts/colors.

For additional ease in adding elements to your project that match your branding, don’t forget you can select any object or groups of objects, slides and content blocks to duplicate them for reuse in your current and other designs. Duplicating various aspects of your design helps you streamline your editing to maximize the use of your time, reusing branded design elements that can be updated quickly and easily.

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