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Text Effects

Text Effects

If you are a text design lover, say hello to our amazing effects that will help you to customize, brighten up, and add some personality and fun to all  your texts. Here’s how you can change the look of your text:

Select any text object in the editor window and navigate to the Effects tab at the top.

A box will open and you’ll see several pre-formatted options of textual effects to choose from. Navigate through the effects and choose the best one for your project.

Once selected the text effect, scroll down through the Text Effects Box to adjust your text’s color(s). From there, you can also adjust the Thickness, Blur, Intensity, Padding, Position, and Roundness if the effect requires it.

To finish, scroll up through the Text Effects Box to adjust the text’s opacity by sliding the “Opacity Bar” to the left and to the right.

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