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Allowed Sizes, Limits and Formats

Importing your own elements and files in your Visme Projects and downloading them in multiple formats is one of our great features. Learn more about allowed sizes, limits and formats here:

Upload Images/SVG/PDF Size Limit:

– Free Plan: 5MB

– Personal Plan: 5MB

– Business Plan: 21MB

– Enterprise Plan: 21MB

Image Size Best Practices

Choosing the right size for your images is an important part of ensuring you’re keeping project size at a healthy point to help with rendering speeds. For that, make sure of:

– Upload images under the size limit of your plan.

– When uploading images to your project, practice a 1:1 ratio based on the total pixels of the canvas size (width x height). For example: If you want to add an image in a presentation as background, that image pixels should be 1366 x 768, the same pixel for W and H that our slides are. You may reference the canvas size of your project within the Canvas Size area here.

Learn more on how to upload images here

Image Pixel Dimensions Limit:

– Free Plan: 1600×1200 (Width x Height)

– Personal Plan: 1600×1200 (Width x Height)

– Business Plan: 1600×1200 (Width x Height)

– Enterprise Plan: 1600×1200 (Width x Height)

Upload Video Size Limit:

– Free Plan: Not allowed

– Personal Plan: Not allowed

– Business Plan: 100MB

– Enterprise Plan: 100MB – 200MB

Enterprise plans have the opportunity to gain high video import size by working with Sales and Customer Success

Learn more on how to upload videos here

Import from PowerPoint Slides Limit:

– Free Plan: Up to 10 slides

– Personal Plan: No limit

– Business Plan: No limit

– Enterprise Plan: No limit

Note: The upload Powerpoint size limit is 50MB

Learn more on how to import a PowerPoint project here

Upload Audio Size Limit:

– Free Plan: Not allowed

– Personal Plan: 5MB

– Business Plan: 30MB

– Enterprise Plan: 50MB

Learn more on how to upload audio here

Storage Limit

– Free Plan: 100MB

– Personal Plan: 250MB

– Business Plan:3 GB (New plans) or 10 GB 25 GB per user (Old plans).Upgrade possible to 50 GB or 200 GB

– Enterprise Plan:25GB per user

Learn more about Visme Storage Limits here
You can upgrade for more storage and increase your limit to 50GB or 200GB. Please note that when upgrading, each user’s limit becomes 50/200GB.

Presenter Studio Time Limit

– Free Plan: Up to 3 minutes

– Personal Plan: 45 minutes max

– Business Plan:45 minutes max

– Enterprise Plan: 45 minutes max

Learn more on how to use Presenter Studio here

Download project Formats Allowed

– Free Plan: Not Allowed

– Personal Plan: JPG, PNG, PDF

– Business Plan: JPG, PNG, PDF, MP4, GIF, HTML5

– Enterprise Plan: JPG, PNG, PDF, MP4, GIF, HTML5

Learn more on how to download your project here

Free Plan Limits

– Slides Limit: 50
– Actions Limit: 10
– File Labels Limit: 10

Animated Graphics

– All plans: Up to 50 animated graphics per project

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