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Tips for using background images

The background feature in Visme offers more than just assigning a color, a pattern, or a gradient; it empowers you to elevate your designs by uploading your own images as backgrounds. However, when using an image as a background instead of a solid background, there are a few tips that can enhance your design. Let’s explore them:

Image selection: Choose your background image wisely. Opt for high-quality images that align with your design’s theme and purpose. Consider images that have ample negative space or a focal point that won’t clash with your content.

Contrast and legibility: Ensure the text and other design elements on top of the background image remain easily readable. Adjust the opacity of the image or add overlays to create contrast and maintain legibility.

Image positioning and scaling: Experiment with the placement and scaling of the image to find the optimal composition. Visme provides tools to adjust the image’s position, size, and alignment. Consider whether you want the image to cover the entire canvas or be contained within specific sections.

Brand consistency: If you’re designing for a brand, ensure that the chosen background image aligns with the brand’s visual identity. Consistency in color schemes, style, and overall aesthetic helps create a cohesive and professional design.

Complementary color palette: Select a color palette that harmonizes with the background image. This can help create visual cohesion and ensure a balanced and pleasing overall look. Tools like Visme’s color picker and color palettes can assist in finding the right colors.

Overlay effects: To further enhance the background image, consider applying overlay effects such as gradients or textures. These effects can add depth and visual interest to your design, elevating the impact of the background image.

Responsive design: Keep in mind that your design may be viewed on various devices with different screen sizes. Preview your design on different screens to ensure the background image maintains its integrity and adapts well to different dimensions.






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