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Visme Integration: Visme + MailChimp


With Visme – Mailchimp integration, you will be able to export your Visme projects directly into your MailChimp assets folder. Here’s how:

First, go to and create a Mailchimp account if you do not have one already. Once done, login into your Visme account and inside the Visme editor, click Apps tab from the left panel.

Click MailChimp under the Marketing Apps category and hit the Connect button. You will then be prompted to grant Visme access to your MailChimp files. Once done, you will be redirected back to Visme editor to see that Mailchimp has been successfully connected with your Visme account.

To export your projects into your MailChimp account, click the Download button located on the top-right corner. Choose the export format and from the drop-down menu, select Mailchimp.

The exported file will be saved inside your MailChimp account > My Files tab.

To disconnect your MailChimp account from Visme completely or link another Mailchimp account, go to Apps tab > MailChimp app and then click the Disconnect button.

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