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Managing advanced settings for Visme projects

You can fully manage various aspects of your published project and its settings.

There are several you can get to the Advanced Settings page.

You can click Share at the top right of the screen.

In the Share Online page, click Advanced Settings at the top right of the screen.

Or, click on the Menu icon of the top left of the screen and select Advanced Settings options in the dropdown menu.

Once you are in the Publish Settings/Advanced Settings page, you will see list of options on the left.

Detail Explanations of Publish settings:

Page Design:

Publish Settings Page Design

5Hide profile

When turned off, your profile and project title will be turned off.

4 Responsive

When turned on, your project will size according to viewer’s display size.

 Page Background

It allows you to change the background color of your published page from the default color. (This is the real estate that surrounds your project area). Let’s say your project has a dark background, you may want to change to Light page background if you want to make your project stands out.

Display Options:

  Presenter view

When turned on, you will see the Presenter View icon when you Preview or Publish your project. When you click on Presenter View icon, it will open up a new window with the TimingCurrent Slide, Next Slide, and Presentation Notes.

2 Autoplay Animation

When turned on, it will automatically play any animation and interactive content in the timeline of your project.

1 Show Control Bar

When turned off, it will hide the control bar from published project. Having the “Allow search indexing” option ON will allow search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask…etc index your published projects. However, if you want to prevent search engines from indexing your published project simply turn OFF this option.

 Loop after ending

When turned on, it will automatically go to next slide at then end of each slide instead of manually clicking on the slide. Click on Select Slide and choose a slide to edit its transition effect in the dropdown menu.


Publish Settings Social/Engagement

7 Allow Social share

When turned on, it allows your visitors or people who view your Visme project to share it on their favorite social networks.

3 Enable Comments

When turned off, it removes comments and not allow users to put comments under your project.

6 Requires registration

When turned on, it will have a pop up window that requires users to fill out the contact form before they could view your project. It collects visitors’ contact information. You can then view, filter and download this information in your Visme Dashboard. This is great for lead generation and inbound marketing. Click here to learn more.

Audio Controls:

Publish Settings Audio Controls

background music icon Background Music

When turned on, music can be heard from the background while playing the presentation. The music stops when the presentation is finished. You can choose audio or upload your own. You could even adjust the volume or turn on Loop Music to let your background play continuously.

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