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Using the Slide Library

The Slide Library feature in Visme allows you to create universal slides which can be used in any of your presentations. Anytime the original slide is updated, it automatically updates in every presentation which it is used on.

This is very useful when you want to create slides like pricing, contact, etc. which contain general information that is used over and over again in your presentations and you do not want to keep making the same slide from scratch or having to update the same slide over and over again in all of your presentations.

For example: Imagine having 15 presentations with one slide containing your business address, phone and email.   If you use the slide library to create your slide and add to your presentations,  then all you have to do is update that slide once within the Slide Library vs. having to update it 15 times (once in every presentation)

How to use Slide Library:

Saving Current Slide into Slide Library

From your Dashboard, select the project that contains the slide you want to save into the slide library.

Once presentation is open, hover on the slide you want to save into slide library, and click on the Gear icon.

Now select Save to Library option. Slide is now inside Slide Library which you can use in your other presentations.

Note: Slide from Slide Library cannot be edited in presentation canvas. You need to access it from Slide Library and edit there. Please take note that editing a slide from slide library automatically updates all the slide in any presentations where the said slide is being used.

Manually Creating a Slide in Slide Library

Navigate to your Dashboard by logging into your Visme account or from the main menu drop-down.

Open the Slide Library located in the left menu of your dashboard:

slide library option a

Create a new slide and assign a name to it.
(The process of creating a slide within slide library is very similar to creating a new project, however in this case you will be able to create a single slide)


The size of the new slide should be the same as the the presentation you want to place it in.
For example, if your presentations are 1366 X 768 (which is default size for High Definition presentations and the size of all Visme presentation templates),  you would want to make sure your Slide is the same size, otherwise on publish you might face rendering issues with your slide.

If you need to change your slide size, you can do it when you are editing your slide via the area shown below:

Create the slide you want and save it. Next, click the Apply button located in the middle of the top menu bar (It is located in same place where Publish is in regular projects).


This notice will show, indicating the slide has been updated and saved.


Now go back to your Dashboard and open the project you want to apply the slide to.

Add a new slide from the slide menu on the right of your project area where your Slides panel is located as shown below:

Click on the “+” to open the Slide panel.

add slide

Click My Library on the right side of the New Slide Menu. You will now see the slide you just created. Add the slide to your project by clicking on it.

If you ever need to change the information on your slide, go back to your Slide Library, open the slide, and update it.

Click Apply and the slide will automatically update in any presentation which it is used. It will automatically apply to your published online presentations. Naturally if you need to download a recent copy of your project for offline use, you will need to download your project.

Take note, you cannot edit the slide from the presentation. You will need to go back to the Slide Library from the Dashboard.

And now you have a universal slide which can be added to any of your presentations!


  • You can create multiple slides within your slide Library and use them as needed.  Each slide will appear within Slide Library and you can access within your slide panel in your projects.
  • You can also use same slide in different projects.  Click here to learn more.
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