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Brand Area for Managing Multiple Clients: Tips & Tricks

Managing the branding for many clients, product/service lines needs careful planning and proper brand organization so you can always ensure your team knows which brand belongs to what.

Visme’s Brand Area is a helpful tool for keeping things consistent across different projects, even when you have lots of brands to manage. In this article, we’ll share some expert tips and tricks for making the most of the Brand Area when you’re working with multiple clients. This will help you work more efficiently and make sure each brand set and project looks great.

Add fonts with strategic ordering

While fonts can’t be renamed since they need to display their font name, you can organize them effectively. Decide with your team on how to organize them and write it down where everyone can see it. Arrange fonts based on how much they’re used or which client they’re for. This makes it easier to pick the right font when you’re making a project.

Create Custom Color Palettes for Client-Specific Branding

Customize your color palettes to fit each client’s special branding needs. Within the Brand Area, create multiple color palettes and label them accordingly for easy identification. Your team will be able to identify the name your apply to the color palette when they pull down the color menu in the editor as they are creating and assigning a color to an object

Note: Create Theme Colors with your client-specific color palettes to leverage Visme templates and re-brand them with a single click. The Theme Colors are shown in the editor, and when selected all colors will be immediately updated in the project template.

Establish Organized Logo Management

Any logo added to the Brand Assets within the My Brand area will appear in the dedicated logo folder within the My Files section where you and your team will be able to find all your client logos. Deactivate the logo on header setting from the Brand Area to prevent automatic inclusion in projects, allowing for manual selection as needed. This approach ensures flexibility while maintaining brand integrity.

Client-Specific Brand Templates

Customize brand templates names for easy identification. Incorporate client names into template titles within the Brand Area, facilitating quick access and selection when initiating new projects. This practice enhances efficiency and reinforces client branding across all materials.

Optimize Collaboration and Consistency

Promote collaboration and consistency among team members by establishing clear guidelines and awareness for your Brand Area, Templates, Project Foldering system, and My Files organization. . Educate team members on how the system is structured and why – emphasizing the importance of adhering to client-specific branding requirements.

Regular Maintenance and Review

Ensure the ongoing effectiveness of your Brand Area, Project Templates, My Files assets, and organization of Project Folders in the Workspace by conducting regular maintenance and review sessions. Periodically assess if there is anything that needs refinement, clean-up, or further review with the team to ensure they are staying compliant with your brand goals in Visme and your workspace.

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