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Visme Forms vs Traditional Forms

Ever wondered if your online forms could do more than just collect data? What if they could increase engagement, enhance user experience, and drive higher conversion rates? Meet Visme Forms — a powerful online form builder designed to transform the way you receive information from your audiences.

How does Visme Forms achieve this?

– By offering you a form building solution that saves you time while creating high-quality, unique and engaging forms.

– Providing seamless embedding options, and offering unique forms animations proven to boost conversion rates.

– Ensuring a unified design approach, maintaining brand consistency and visual polish across all your assets.

Discover key benefits and how Visme Forms integrates seamlessly within the Visme platform!

Advantages of Visme Forms vs. Traditional Forms:

Elevated Engagement with Animated 3D Characters

Visme Forms introduces a unique combination of features and dynamic design — Animated and Fully Customizable 3D Characters. Against traditional forms, these characters have proven to be a catalyst for increased user engagement. Users were more likely to fulfill the form, and through this study, completion rates saw a significant boost.

Enhanced Conversion Rates

Visme Forms showcased a substantial increase in lead conversions from organic traffic. This tool outperformed traditional forms, delivering superior performance results including a 2x increase in newsletter signups.

Cost-Effective Acquisition

Visme Forms not only elevates your outcomes but also streamlines costs, delivering a substantial reduction in the cost per acquisition (CPA). This renders it a highly cost-effective solution for attaining your objectives.

Reduced Exit Rates and Rejections

Traditional forms often face challenges with high exit rates and rejections. Visme Forms exhibited a technical edge, showcasing a 67% decrease in exit rates and rejections. You can also take advantage of this technical refinement for your online forms to promote a smoother user experience and higher form completion rate.

Amplified Insights and Feedback

Beyond data capture, Visme Forms encourages users to provide valuable feedback and insights. Completing the form led to an increase in users voluntarily sharing additional information, enriching your understanding of user preferences.

Note: Interested in learning more about the success of Visme Forms? Take a look at our case study on ‘2x More Newsletter Signups with Visme’s Animated Form Builder’ and the case study on ‘Converting More Leads from Existing Traffic with Visme’s Interactive Form Builder.’

Key Benefits of Visme Forms

Customization Without Coding

Visme’s online form builder empowers you to create stunning, tailor-made forms without the need for coding expertise. Customize form fields effortlessly to collect the precise information you require, and let Visme automatically generate the HTML code for website integration or publish your form into a URL/link so you can share it online or via email.

Flexible Placement and Embedding

Enjoy the freedom to place or embed your forms anywhere on your website – whether it’s a popup, sidebar, or seamlessly embedded within content. Visme ensures optimal load times of your embedded forms, providing a smooth user experience.

Seamless Data Flow to Other Tools

Easily connect your online forms with popular platforms like MailChimp, HubSpot, Google Sheets, and more. Visme’s integration with Zapier opens the door to a vast array of tools in your tech stack, streamlining data flow for enhanced efficiency.

Real-Time Analytics Dashboard

Track the performance of your forms in real-time using Visme’s intuitive analytics dashboard. Gain valuable insights instantly, enabling you to make informed and timely decisions or adjustments based on user interactions and responses.

Unique Form Animation Options

Stand out from the crowd with Visme’s patent-pending forms animations. Proven to increase conversion rates, these customizable animations add a unique touch to your forms, aligning with your brand’s personality while significantly enhancing user engagement and conversions.

Custom Design Without the Price Tag

Experience the best of both worlds by combining Visme’s content design platform and features with the utility of an online form builder. Enjoy custom design capabilities without breaking the bank, ensuring your forms are not only functional but visually appealing.

Note: Ready to begin using Visme Forms? Explore our step-by-step guide on accessing and utilizing Visme Forms effectively here.
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