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Text Animations

Enhance your text with captivating animations! Transform ordinary words into dynamic visual experiences that grab attention with Visme’s Text Animations – spicing up your information and content in a memorable way.

Explore a variety of effects, from gentle fades to eye-catching movements, and customize the timing, and style to perfectly complement your message. Here’s how:

Click on the text box you want to animate to select it. Then, locate the Animate button at the top right corner and click on it. This action will open the animation panel along the right of your screen, where you will find a range of animation options to choose from.

In the animation panel, when you have the Text Effect tab selected, you will see various animation options for your text box. Choose the desired animation effect – you can preview them by clicking on them within the sidebar.

Once you’ve selected the animation effect for your text box, you can further customize it towards the bottom of the animation panel. Adjust the style by using the Style dropdown menu: selecting between Letter by Letter animation, or Word by Word. For longer lines of text or text boxes with multiple lines, we recommend using the Word by Word style to maintain a good balance in your design with the information and animations.

Design Tip: Subtle animation is better than a lot of animation. Too much animation can overwhelm your audience and potentially distract attention from key information.

 Adjust the timing by using the Animate dropdown menu. This allows you to control when and how the animation starts. You can also use the Animation Timeline to time all of the objects in your project from a high-level view.

Note: Discover the process of animating objects in your project here.

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