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Troubleshooting in Visme

There are a few steps users can take when experiencing issues with Visme. Below are these steps you may take to remedy platform performance situations.

If problems persist, please contact our 24/7 support team at [email protected]. We’re always here to help!

Log out of Visme using this link if you are currently logged in.

After that, if you haven’t done so already , please clear your cache and browsing history. This step can resolve issues immediately 50-60% of the time. Instructions on how to do this are different depending on our web browser (click your browser’s name to open the corresponding resource):

If Step 1 creates no change, please restart your browser and try again. You can also do a force log-out of Visme by clicking on this link:

Please log into Visme again to see if your issue persists.

Note: This link re-initializes the portal for Visme login. Please click on this link even if you suspect you are not logged in – it still may resolve some login issues.

If you believe there’s a glitch with our platform, please kindly record a short screencast showing the steps when the glitch occurs. This will allow our team to duplicate the situation and escalate it to our development team to look into it –so we may assist you in resolving it or guide you in the right direction. You can easily record your screen using 3rd party screen records such as Loom or Screencastify.

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