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Create faster with Shortcuts

When you are designing quickly, it’s key to have assets and design elements right at your fingertips. Visme’s Shortcuts will help you create projects even easier and faster and maybe help consider even more creative ways to visualize your information.  Here’s how:

From the editor window of your project, press the “/” button on your keyboard. A pop-up panel will appear where you will find a search bar and a list of all the design elements available in Visme.

Scroll down on the list and click on the element you want to add to your project.

To look for something specific, type keywords on the search bar, and the options will load. Click on the element you want to add to the project.

 If your search didn’t match any default results, press enter for advanced settings. You will then see a list of the categories that match your search. Explore the options available and choose the best one for your project by simply clicking on it.

Note: Apart from the classic shortcuts, we have special shortcuts for text editing, slide creation, and more detailed commands. Get to know them here.
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