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How to gather a HAR file

In this article, we’ll review how you can gain a HAR file to help Visme’s engineering team review your local instances when working in Visme.

What is a HAR file?

A HAR file is a recorded log of all network requests made by a web browser during the demonstration of your report. This includes URLs, metadata, and request/response headers. We use this to troubleshoot & analyze your reported experience to better understand what is causing it – pinpointing the cause of the experience, which allows our developers to gain insight and assist accordingly.

How to gain a HAR file:

A HAR file is gathered from your browser when you are logged into Visme and using it online. When collecting this HAR file, can you please follow these steps:

Log into Visme & navigate to the window or area where this experience typically occurs.

Important note – At this point, do not recreate the experience as you will do it in a few more steps when the time is right.

Open your Google Chrome browser menu with the menu button in the upper right corner of your browser window. It will appear like this:

 Then click More Tools > Developer Tools.

Click open the Network tab

Recreate your experience at this point. The Network tab will record your web data into a HAR file for our team to review when you submit the HAR file back to us.

Click the download button as seen here within the Network tab to download your HAR file of this experience.

Once you have your HAR file downloaded, please attach it to the email/message thread with Visme’s support team and send the message back to us so we may retrieve the HAR file for review.

Visme’s support team will continue to be in touch from there with further guidance and updates upon our development team’s review of the HAR file.


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