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Creating Printable designs in Visme

Visme supports popular content formats and delivery methods, but printables remain a reliable approach and essential for a variety of purposes. Designing printables is a creative process, and Visme’s tools can help turn your ideas into visually compelling designs. Whether you’re crafting educational materials, promotional flyers, or event invitations, this guide will take you through essential tips and techniques to make the most of your printable designs created in Visme.

Start with a Clear Purpose: Before diving into the design process, define the purpose of your printable. Whether it’s conveying information, promoting an event, or providing your readers a tangible resource they can have handy, a clear objective will guide your design decisions. Start by outlining the intent of the project, such as: the objective, what is to be included, who your audience is, and the overall style you wish to have within the project.

Choose the Right Template: Visme provides a wide array of professionally designed templates for different purposes. With hundreds of options available in the dedicated Printables section within our Template Library, you can easily locate a template that suits your specific requirements and use case. Once you’ve chosen a template, seamlessly bring it into the editor. Our templates are fully editable, allowing you to tailor them precisely to your branding and communication needs. This ensures that your creations maintain a unique and visually compelling appearance, aligning with your goals.

Apply your Branding: Maintain brand consistency by incorporating your logo, color scheme, and fonts. Visme allows you to set your Brand Area, making it easy to apply them consistently across all your printables.

Adapt the Fonts: Visme offers a wide range of fonts, the ability to add your fonts within the Brand Area, and convenient font pairs to easily combine different fonts in your projects. Experiment with typography to create a visually engaging and cohesive design.

Balance Elements and White Space: Achieve a visually appealing design that supports how your readers view your printable by striking the right balance between text, images, and white space. Avoid clutter by allowing elements to breathe, ensuring your message is clear and easy to digest.

Incorporate High-Quality Images: Elevate your printable with high-resolution images. Visme provides access to a vast library of stock photos, icons, and illustrations. Alternatively, create your own images using Visme AI to add a personalized and unique touch. You can also upload your own images into the My Files area to library your own assets you can use within any project.

Color Balance is Key: Create a harmonious color palette that resonates with your brand or theme. Visme’s color wheel and preset color schemes make it easy to find the perfect combination. Consistent use of color enhances brand recognition.

Design for Print: Consider factors such as resolution and print size. Visme provides export options in various formats, ensuring your design looks stunning in print. Important Tip: If you are working with a professional printer, work with a reliable vendor who can assist you in proofing your design and offering you suggestions for any needed changes to the formatting and size. If you are printing on your printer, be prepared to do a couple of test prints before printing in bulk.

Utilize Visme Collaboration Features: Leverage Visme’s collaboration features to collect feedback from your team. Collaborate in real-time, share designs, and gather valuable insights to refine your printable effectively and complete it faster.


Hot Tips and Things to Keep in Mind: 


Contrast is Key: Ensure text and images stand out by using contrasting colors. This enhances readability and visual appeal.

Hierarchy Matters: Establish a clear hierarchy in your design with different font sizes and styles. Guide the viewers eyes through the content seamlessly.

Consistency in Layout: Maintain a consistent layout throughout your printable for a polished and professional look. Consistency fosters a sense of coherence.

Whitespace is Your Friend: Embrace whitespace to avoid visual clutter. It enhances readability and allows the viewer to focus on essential elements.

Use High-Quality Imagery: Whether from Visme’s library or your own creations, ensure images are high-resolution for a crisp and professional appearance.

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