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Animation tips – Do’s and Dont’s


Adding motion to your project is incredibly exciting as it makes information more engaging and memorable. However, like anything else in life, moderation is key. Too many animations can be distracting and take away from the purpose of your presentation. To keep things effective and polished, here are some essential tips for creating an interactive project:


– Avoid animating every single object on your stage. Selectively choose which objects to animate.

– Resist the urge to move every object across the stage. Choose meaningful movements that enhance your message.

– Don’t animate first and then position your object. Instead, position your objects first and then apply the animation.

– Avoid animating all objects simultaneously. Timing is crucial, so stagger your animations to maintain audience interest.

– Steer clear of creating lengthy animations. Remember, your audience has a short attention span.


– Keep it simple and focused. Choose specific objects that benefit from animation and leave the rest as static elements.

– Position your objects exactly as you want them at the end of the animation, and then apply the animation accordingly.

– Keep your animations short and concise, especially for presentation slides. Limit them to just a few seconds each.

– Utilize animation as a tool to support your content. It should enhance and reinforce your message, not overpower it.

– Ask yourself whether an object looks better animated or if it remains cleaner in its current position.

– Use subtle animation effects. Not every object needs to traverse the entire screen. Sometimes, a slight touch of motion can make a significant impact.

– Preview your project frequently. Make subtle adjustments, preview the results, and repeat the process until you achieve the desired effect.


By following these tips, you’ll strike the perfect balance of animation that adds value without overwhelming your audience.

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