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How to Create a Training and Education Presentation in Visme

Training and Education Presentations are essential tools for sharing knowledge, skills, and information with audiences in a structured and engaging way. In today’s fast-paced world, well-crafted presentations are vital for facilitating learning and ensuring understanding among learners. This article will delve into the essential elements of creating impactful Training and Education Presentations, covering design principles, content organization, and tips for exporting and sharing, all to help users effectively convey their message and achieve educational goals.

Below is a collection of learning resources to help you hone in on your project type/use case and ensure the delivery of engaging and informative presentations that effectively convey key concepts and facilitate learning.


How to start your Training and Education Presentation:

Training and Education Presentation Templates: Here you can find a vast collection of templates to browse, which are all available in Visme to jumpstart your Training and Education Presentation. Once you find the template you like, select it to log into Visme and start working on it within the editor.


To create your Training and Education Presentation from within Visme:

Open your web browser and visit the Visme website. Then, sign in to your Visme account or create one if you don’t have one.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll land on the Visme dashboard. Go to the left menu and click on Create New to start a new project.

In the drop-down menu for project creation, you’ll see different categories. To make a Presentation, select the Presentations category.

In that category, scroll sideways to find the Education section. Click on it to see the Visme Education templates.

Check out the different Education Presentations templates available. Visme has lots of options for different industries and styles. When you find one you like, click on it to pick it.

When you choose a template, you’ll be redirected to the Visme editor. Here, you can change and edit everything in the template to fit your details.

Note: In this video, you’ll see how you can locate the template library and select a desired template for your project.


Key elements your Training & Education Presentation should include: 

Title Slide: Introduce the presentation with a clear and impactful title, along with relevant branding elements or imagery.

Agenda: Outline the topics or sections covered in the presentation to provide an overview and guide participants through the content.

Sections: Divide the presentation into clearly defined sections or modules, each addressing a specific topic or learning objective.

Learning Objectives: Include slides that clearly state the learning objectives for each section to set expectations and help participants track their progress.

Visuals and Graphics: Incorporate relevant visuals, graphics, and multimedia elements to complement the content and enhance engagement.

Interactive Elements: Integrate interactive features such as quizzes, polls, or activities to encourage active participation and reinforce learning.

Navigation Elements: Include clear navigation elements such as arrows, buttons, pop-ups or hyperlinks to guide users through interactive presentations.

References and Resources: Include slides with references, recommended reading materials, or additional resources for further exploration and learning.

Checklist: Provide a checklist slide at the beginning or end of the presentation to ensure participants can review key points and track their understanding.

Assessment and Feedback: Include opportunities for assessment and feedback to gauge participant understanding and address any areas of confusion or misunderstanding.

Conclusion: Conclude the presentation with a final summary or conclusion slide, reinforcing key takeaways and providing closure to the session.

Responsive Design: Ensure that the presentation is optimized for various screen sizes and devices, especially for online delivery or viewing on mobile devices.


Special Touches in Visme for your Training & Education Presentation

Below is a list of great elements you can incorporate into your project to help your Training and Education presentation achieve maximum impact and effectiveness.

Slide Library: Utilize Visme’s Slide Library feature to store master training information that needs to be consistent and maintained from a single source. This ensures uniformity across all training material and easy updating when necessary

Interactivity: Incorporate interactive elements such as pop-ups, links and clickable buttons to engage learners and promote active participation.

Animations: Improve visual appeal and comprehension by adding animations to elements within your presentation, such as text, images, and shapes.

Audio: Embed audio files to provide narration, explanations, or additional context to slides, enhancing the learning experience for participants.

Video: Integrate video content directly into your presentation to demonstrate concepts, provide real-life examples, or deliver engaging training materials.

Characters: Add customizable characters to your presentation to make it more relatable and engaging for learners.

Graphics/Icons: Access Visme’s extensive library of graphics and icons to visually represent concepts, data, and ideas, making them easier to understand and remember.

Charts and Graphs: Create dynamic charts and graphs to visualize data and statistics, helping learners grasp complex information more easily.


How to Export and Share your Training & Education Presentations

Now that your project is completed, how you showcase it and share it with your audience is the next key step. Let’s review Visme’s export and sharing options below to help you determine which one is right for your Training and Education Presentations.

Export Options:

Download as a PDF: PDF format ensures compatibility and easy viewing across various devices and platforms, making it convenient for learners to access the training material offline.

Sharing Options:

Publishing Your Presentation: Share your training and education presentation with a broader audience by publishing it online. This option enables you to make your project accessible to the public, providing a URL link for easy sharing. It’s ideal for disseminating educational content through social media, email newsletters, or website landing pages, enhancing the visibility of your training materials and maximizing audience reach.

Note: Live Links: Ensure easy accessibility and updates for your audience with dynamic URL links. This enables you to maintain a single, dynamic link for your marketing presentation, making it easy to share and update content as needed.

Sharing your presentation privately: Privately sharing the presentation grants control over who can access the training material, ensuring confidentiality and privacy for sensitive content or limited distribution.

LMS Export for your Training content: Exporting for Learning Management Systems (LMS) facilitates seamless integration into existing training platforms, enabling easy deployment and tracking of learner progress and engagement.

Visme Presenter Studio – Record a Presentation: With Visme Presenter Studio, you can transform your training presentation into a dynamic video of you going over the project and recording your voice and face on top of it. This option captures animations and interactions, enhancing viewer engagement and providing an immersive viewing experience for your audience.

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