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Visme Integration: Visme + Formstack

With Visme – Formstack integration, you will be able to bring your powerful Formstack forms into Visme in two clicks so you can continue to automate processes and collect information from your audience.


Here’s how:

First, create a Formstack account at if you do not have one already. Login to your Visme account. In the editor, click Apps from the left panel.

Click Formstack app, then click Connect. You will then get prompted to give Visme access to your Formstack content.

Forms, Surveys and Workflows that you’ve created will now show up inside your FormStack App. You can easily add them into your project canvas by clicking the Add button.

Share or embed your project into your website so that your audience will be able to interact with your Formstack Forms, Surveys and Workflows.

You can at any time cut ties between Visme and Formstack by going to Apps > Formstack and clicking the Disconnect button, the Formstack content that you’ve previously inserted into your Visme project will remain intact.

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