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Coordinates Panel

Coordinates Panel

Sometimes, when creating a project, some design elements need a different size to be perfect. Our Coordinates Panel allows you to change your pixel width, height and axis positions (X – Y), and adjust the angle of the elements in minutes…if not seconds! Here’s how:

Inside the Editor window of your Project, select the element you wish to resize. The Coordinates Panel will appear in the bottom left of your editor. Unlock the “Lock Icon” to freely adjust the object’s proportions.

To resize the element selected, type the new precise values of width, height and/or axis positions with your keyboard (To make incremental changes, use the up and down keys on your computer’s keyboard). You can also adjust the angle of the elements by simply typing the angle value desired on the right of the “Arrow” icon in your Coordinates Panel.

Note: Coordinates Panel allows you to hard-set the dimension ratio of your elements by simply clicking on the “Lock” icon after resizing it. Doing this, you will keep the proportions of your object and keep the same ratio if you resize again.
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