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FAQ’s – Downloading and Publishing Projects

Using Visme you can publish your content to share online, embed to your website or download for offline use. These are some of the common questions our users ask:

Will my published project be accessible online or can I keep it private?

By default when you publish a project, it will be public and can be viewed online via the URL that is generated.  However you can make your project Private via the Publish settings so only those via a password that you set can view it.

Additionally you can make a project unpublished. This means that it will never be accessible via the URL link generated and only you or anyone else that you have shared your project with (requires more than one Visme user) can access that project under their login area. Learn more about Private projects.

Will my content be indexed by search engines such as Google?

This depends on your publish setting for a project.  By default published projects are public and that means google can eventually index your content as part of it’s searchable results (this can take days/weeks depending on how quickly google finds the page to index). However you can make your project Private (or unpublished) and both cases Google will be given a “no index” protocol to not index your project.

If you wish to keep your projects private, you would either want to make it Private or Unpublished. For example if you want to download your project content and have no intention to keep it online for public view,  you can Publish it and keep it Not Published.  This way you can download it and others can’t access it online.

Can I Download my project without having it published online?

Yes you can. You still need to click the “Publish” option on your project to launch the Publish pop-up and you can make your project “Not Published” and then go to Download tab to download your project.

Your project can only be published online if you assign it a Publish option. If your only intention is to download content,  keep it unpublished and download as needed.

What is the difference between Private and Public Projects?

Private and Public projects are set via the Publish tab on the Visme editor. Public projects as the name suggest are meant to be viewed by anyone and don’t require special access. Private projects in the other hand are meant to be used internally or shred with others to access via  a password. Learn more.

Can I download a project for Print use?

Yes you can download projects and use them for print.  The best format for print is PDF versus JPG.  JPG is preferred for use online and on displays (such as on Social Media, Inserting to a blog or emailing to others).    The PDF method is a standard document format and it is Printer friendly.

Note: The quality of your print depends on your design. If you have images on your project, they may appear grainy in print.  But fonts from Visme and icons in our library are vector based, meaning they should print crisp. Learn more about Downloading here.

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