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Animation Timeline

The Animation Timeline allows you to precisely customize the animations of your project in regards to slide transitions, animation durations, audio and narration, and the order of animated objects. This guide covers an overview of the Basics Tab, the Advanced Tab, and Audio & Recording Settings.

Note: To access the Advanced features of the Animation Timeline, you will need to upgrade your account to premium. Non-premium accounts may not only access the Basic Tab, and are unable to access the customized audio features for recording voice overs or uploading audio files.

To access the Animation Timeline:

  • Navigate to the top left menu above the sidebar and select Show Timeline. The Basic tab is selected by default.

  • You can also access the timeline from the Animate menu. First select an object in your Project, then click Animate from the top menu. In the window that appears to the left, select the tab that says This Object. The option to Show or Hide the Timeline is available at the bottom of this window.

Basic Tab Overview

The Basic Tab offers two methods for animating your objects within a slide: You can animate everything at once, or you can select a single object to animate it individually.

To the left of the timeline is the slide transition icon. Click to access the menu where you can change the transition style for your slide. You can also shorten or lengthen the transition by clicking and dragging it in the timeline.

You can click and drag the Blue Bar to adjust the animation’s duration.

You can also click and drag the Red Line to adjust where the previewed playback starts in the timeline.

Click the Play icon to preview your slide or block’s animation.

Click the Skip Back / Skip Forward icons to skip back to the beginning of the animation in the Timeline for previewing, or to skip to the end of the animation.

Click the Stop icon to pause the playback of the previewed animation while it is in motion. To resume, click Play again.

The View Slider allows you to zoom in and out of the timeline. Zooming in allows you to make more precise timing selections in the timeline, while zooming out allows for easier access to the previewed animation as a whole.

You can also input a manually determined total length of animation by clicking inside the clock and entering your desired duration.

Click the Close icon to close the Timeline window in the Editor.

To minimize the Timeline window, click the arrow Up arrow icon towards the left of the window. While minimized, click it again to maximize.

Advanced Tab

To explore how to customize the order and duration of all of your individually animated objects, click the Advanced tab in the timeline.

Similar to the Basics tab, the slide or block transition will appear to the left. But in Advanced, each animated object will be listed in order for individual customization. Hovering over each object will show you a brief description of the type and content of the object.

Click an individual object to select it.

Note: To change the name of your objects, navigate to the menu at the top left of the Editor window and select Show Objects List.

Selecting individual objects in the timeline will open the Animate window to the left, where you can change the Enter and Exit animations for your object.

By clicking either the Move icon over the objects in the timeline, or by clicking the icon all the way to the left of the timeline, you can click and drag to reorder your animated objects.

To move individual objects forward and backward in the timeline, select the object by clicking and dragging them where you want them.

You can lengthen or shorten the duration of an individual object’s animation by using the Triangle icons that appear at the beginning and end of the object’s animation segment in the timeline.

After reordering and moving your animated objects into place, click Play to preview your final changes.

Audio & Recording Settings

Note: To make new recordings or use your own audio file uploads, you will need to upgrade your account to premium.

To explore the audio options in the timeline,  click the menu icon towards the left of the window next to the microphone icon. The options available are Record Narration, Upload Audio File, and Add from Library.

Note: Click for more information on uploading audio files and using the audio library.

Another way to begin recording a narration is to click the microphone icon. Your system and/or browser may require access prior to recording.

When you click the microphone icon to record a narration, a countdown begins from 3 prior to recording, and the icon will switch to a red microphone. Click the red microphone icon when you are finished recording.

To rename your new recording, click the pencil icon. Select the text with your cursor and enter the new name.

To save the name of your new recording, hit Enter (return) on your computer’s keyboard and the screen will show Saved!

When finished with your new recording, click Ok to add it to your slide or block. Click Cancel if you’d like to record a different narration or use a different audio file. Once completed, your recording will be saved in My Files for future use, which you can access conveniently from the left sidebar.

The recording will now appear green in the timeline. You can click the ends to trim the recording down, or select the recording and click and drag to move it to a different point in time.

To Delete your added recording, click the menu icon towards the left of the window. Additionally, you can Rename your recording from this menu.

To mute the audio in the timeline, click the speaker icon. To unmute click Unmute icon.


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