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Data Widgets

Visme offers several dat widgets that enable users to visualize numerical amounts. This can be utilized to show a value (such as percentages, distance, time, and space) as well as to make visual comparisons with those values (such as units of people, speedometers, timers and digital dials).

Inside the Editor window of your Project, select Data from the left sidebar, then click Data Widgets. Each widget serves a specific purpose allowing you to transform small pieces of data into more engaging forms of content.

For example, clocks can be used to display different time zones. Select the Clock widget by double-clicking or dragging and dropping it where you desire. You can further customize it by selecting it and modifying the Settings on the left side of the top menu.

You can change the appearance of a click by choosing from one of three different styles:

  • A minimalist analog clock with no numbers or lines.
  • A more elaborate analog clock with numbers, minutes and seconds.
  • A digital clock with seconds and minutes

You can choose to display the actual hour by setting Real Time to ON. If you want to display a specific hour, minute and second, select OFF and enter the desired time. You can also choose to either show/hide Seconds as well as AM or PM.

Tip: The Real Time option will display your PC’s time. If you want to change the time zone, first change your PC’s date and time settings.

Real Time can especially useful where you want the audience, such as a classroom of students, to view the current time throughout the presentation.

To set a time for viewer interactivity such as quiz questions, use a Counter widget.

These time visualization widgets are essential for educators, trainers, speakers, and presenters. They’ll find this feature incredibly useful for both standalone slide decks and live presentations.

You can even apply one of these widgets into a self-running slide deck before an event starts as Countdown. For example, if you have an event that starts at a certain time and you want to play short video clips before it begins, you can run a standalone slide deck and include a countdown timer on each slide.

Tip: If you’re under a strict time limit for your presentation, you can use these widgets to rehearse each slide to practice finishing the presentation within the time constraints.

You can also use the Settings menu to adjust the Range of visualization on the Counter widget. For example, in a visual recipe, you can display this by including preparation and cooking times in your design.

Another great way to visualize percentages is by using the various Radial data widgets. You can set Frame, Range, Progress, and Text colors, choose whether or not to display them as a percentage or a whole number, enter Min and Max values for your number range, and even choose whether you want to Show the value from the slider. In addition to using the slider to select your chosen value, you can also click inside the number and type in your own value.

This is an example of our Radial Coin widget:

This is an example of our Radial Wheel widget which shows a thicker progress line:

And a Radial Comparison widget to showcase both the progressed and remaining values:

Other great data widgets to use are those that can show values across a range, left-to-right. This Semi-Circle widget is one example, with the same formatting options as the Radial widgets.

Another set of data widgets you might find both useful and appealing are Progress Bars. These are available in both vertical and horizontal styles.



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