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Objects List

Objects List

The Object List is a very helpful feature for organizing all of the design elements (or layers) of your Project, as well as setting Actions to them, arranging them, and customizing their individual animations.

Inside the Editor of your Project, click menu icon located at the top left corner and select Show objects list. The list will load on the far right of the window.

For most Presentations and other format types that have multiple slides/pages, you’ll be able to switch back and forth from My Slides to Objects by using the tabs at the top. For Infographics (which use blocks), the objects list loads according to the infographic block you have selected.

Grouped objects in your slide will appear together in the list.

You can select the show/hide to Show or Hide an object or object group, and also use the Lock icon to keep an object or group of objects from being moved or modified.

To better organize and edit your overall design, choose names for your objects that make them easily identifiable. Select the object(s) you wish to rename from the list and right-click (ctrl+click on Mac), then click Rename. You can also update the object name by double-clicking on it. The name field will be selected by default for you to type in the new name. When finished, press Enter/Return on your keyboard.

On the left side of the list, there are small icons which will show you a small visual thumbnail of what the object’s type is (text, graphic, shape, image, etc). Selecting object(s) in the list will also highlight them in the Editor window of your Project.

With your object(s) selected in the list, you can easily assign Actions to them using the tab in the top menu, such as applying a pop-up for another object you have named to appear when a viewer clicks on the selected object. For more info on what you can do with Actions, check out this resource.

Note: The Actions tab is a feature that requires a premium subscription.

With your object(s) selected, you can easily Arrange your objects in order of appearance, front-to-back. For more information on arranging objects, check out this resource.

Another useful feature of renaming your objects in the list is to make it easier to identify them in the Animation Timeline. You can open the Timeline by choosing SHOW at the bottom of the Objects List window.

When finished with your changes in the Objects List, you can choose to exit the list by clicking My Slides for most projects except for Infographics.

For infographics, you can hide the Objects list by navigating back to the menu icon on the top left of the Editor window, and select Hide objects list.

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