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Your team in Visme | FAQ’s

How do I create a workspace with my team?

Click on your Workspace name in the top left-hand corner of the dashboard when you are logged into your account. This will drop down a menu – from there, you can either:

  1. Add your team to your current workspace under the Workspace Members section.
  2. “Create New Workspace” to create a separate workspace where you can add your team.
  3. Once you have the workspace created, we suggest naming the workspace with something that will resonate with the rest of your team, so they can identify/locate workspaces in their menu easily.

Why would creating a separate, new workspace be best for you and your team?

If you have confidential content within your current workspace that you wish to not allow others to see, you would be best creating a separate workspace where your team can be added and collaborating on content together.

Who has access to projects and assets within the Workspace? 

Project Access: Only Admin users within the Workspace are able to see all projects created in the Workspace. Here’s more information about workspace user permissions. If you have other users in the Workspace permissioned with “Members”, they will not be able to see the work of any other users unless projects or project folders are shared with them directly by others users in the space.

Asset Access: All of the users within the workspace will be able to access the assets added to the My Files. Any photo, logo, icon, video, or audio file that is uploaded by a user within the Workspace will be accessible and usable by other users in the space.

What user roles and permissions are available in a team?

Administrator: They can view/edit all folders or projects created by the team and access all the administrative areas.

Members: Can create and share projects, access projects/folders that were shared with them by others in the team, recommend colleagues to make designs without access to administrative features.

Note: For Enterprise plans, Admins may Add and Edit Custom Roles to further define project and folder access to specific users. 

How many members can I add to my team?

If the workspace is free (Basic plan), it can have up to 10 active users. Beyond 10 users, the admin who is inviting new users should be prompted to upgrade workspace to add more users.

If the workspace is paid, it’s a premium plan, which can be a  Standard or Business plan. Premium plans require each user within the workspace to have a paid seat in the plan. During your upgrade, you will be prompted to to pay for all currently active users in the workspace. If you do not wish to upgrade all of yoru users, you mayremove some of them before upgrading.

When someone is invited to a paid workspace without free licenses, then his status is “inactive” and the administrator of the workspace needs to pay for those users to activate them.

How can I collaborate with my team in my Visme workspace?

Using Visme, you can share content with your team  for comment, edit or view access and also set permissions to certain projects to get the content creation to the finish line and to your audiences:

How can I collaborate with people who are not in my Visme workspace with me? 

Visme’s collaboration features allows a group of two or more individuals to collaborate with each other and share feedback, thoughts and ideas with ease.

Can I limit my team’s ability to choose other Fonts, Colors and Templates outside the brand standards?

Yes, you can. Within the Settings Tab tabs in the Brand Area, flip the switch to turn-off your team’s ability to select any font, color or logo outside of the brand settings you have in place.

How can I organize the team’s projects in an efficient and organized way?

Creating folders and setting up permissions to folders will help your team stay organized and efficient as they are locating projects and sharing their work with other members of the team. Here are some helpful tips! Organizing your folders can be done of in a few different ways or as a combination of the following:

With the user’s name: This is helpful for the team to know what folders and projects belong to who.
By campaign: Since folders are shareable to other users, this is a great way for multiple members of a team to have joint access to key projects based on subject or campaign.
By client: Great for ensuring that everyone has all of the client information they need in one organized place.
By department: Excellent for teams that have multiple departments in one workspace together.
By project focus: If you have key initiatives or efforts within the team (i.e. project management, quarter reports), you can organize those together to keep your space neat and tidy.
Workflow: This is best for project work that is best keeping separated based on where it stands in the process of being completed; i.e. pending completion, completed, archived, etc.

How can I organize the Brand Assets and design elements to be used by the whole team?

While using Visme, you can easily upload and manage your images and media assets using My Files. You can also track down how and where those files are being used across the entire workspace. This feature allows your team to:

1- Add new images and other assets from your computer (JPG, PNG, SVG and even PDFs and animated GIF files)

2- Perform actions within our media library (aka My Files) in bulk such as add labels, add files to canvas, move files to a folder, and download or delete many files at once

3- Access and modify the file settings, and even replace the asset across all projects at once

4- Organize your assets into labels and/or folders so your team can find what they need quickly and easily


Another way to keep your key content groups, designs, and elements organized is using “My Blocks” and the “Slide Library”

My Blocks: Save personalized Content Block into “My Blocks” for use across any Visme project formats. This way, users can simply drag-and-drop on brand content blocks onto their canvas, modify text boxes, and adapt it to fit their project.

Slide Library: The Slide Library feature in Visme allows you to create universal slides which can be used at any time in any of your presentations. This is very useful when you want to create slides which contain master information, like pricing tables, contact information, key statistics and metrics, product or specification details, etc. The Slide Library allows you to  update these slide at scale within the Slide Library area of the Dashboard. This means the slide will update in every presentation it is being used in, saving you tons of time in not having to make manual changes to many presentations or worry about outdated information in your presentations.

Note: Slides that are added to the Slide Library can only be used in Presentation formats. They are not compatible with other formats.

If I remove a user, what happens to their projects?

If a user is deactivated from your workspace, their projects are still available within the workspace for our team. You can update the users within your workspace at anytime within the Workspace Member area. The Workspace Members area is accessible for any Admin user within your Visme Workspace.

Why do I need to pay to add a user?

If you have a premium Visme plan, you will need to activate premium (paid) seats for your other team members in order for them to gain all of the premium features within the Workspace with you. As soon as you pay for additional seats within your plan, or add users and pay to activate their seats, it will be automatically convert those seats into a premium accounts. These users can then log into their Visme accounts and migrate into the Workspace you have added them to to begin creating!

Note for Basic (free) plans: To add a user to a free Workspace is free. Basic Workspaces have a 10 users limit per Workspace.

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