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Creating Agreements with Visme

In the realm of professional interactions, an agreement stands as a formal pact outlining the terms and conditions between parties, providing a clear framework for collaboration and partnership. The significance of agreements lies in their ability to establish mutual understanding, define responsibilities, and mitigate potential conflicts.

In this article, we will explore the key elements of agreements and offer insights and guidance on creating visually compelling and informative agreement documents using the features available on Visme.

Relevant Resources to help you learn more about Agreements

Below is a collection of learning resources to assist you in refining your understanding of Agreements and create effective and clear contractual documents.

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How to Start your Agreement

Agreement Templates: Here you can find a vast collection of ready-to-use design templates to browse, which are all available in Visme to jumpstart your Agreement. Once you find the template you like, select it to log into Visme and start working on it within the editor.

To create your Agreement from within Visme: 

Open your web browser and visit the Visme website. Then, sign in to your Visme account or create one if you don’t have one.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll land on the Visme dashboard. Go to the left menu and click on Create New to start a new project.

In the drop-down menu for project creation, select Project and you’ll see different categories. To create an agreement, select the Documents category.

In that category, scroll sideways to find the Agreements section, or use the search bar to easily locate it.. Click on it to see the Visme Agreements templates.

Check out the different agreements templates available. Visme has lots of options for different industries and styles. When you find one you like, click on it to pick it.

When you choose a template, you’ll be redirected to the Visme editor. Here, you can change and edit everything in the template to fit your details.

Note: In this video, you’ll see how you can locate the template library and select a desired template for your project.


Key elements your Agreement should include: 

Title and Introduction: Clearly label the agreement and provide a concise introduction that sets the context and purpose of the document. You may use titles throughout the agreement to properly label subsequent sections that could be deemed as Exhibits or Addendums.

Party Details: Thoroughly detail the names, addresses, and roles of all involved parties, establishing a clear understanding of their identities and references within the agreement.

Scope and Objectives: Define the scope and objectives of the agreement, outlining the specific goals and parameters for both parties.

Terms and Conditions Section: Create a comprehensive section detailing the terms and conditions governing the agreement, encompassing obligations, responsibilities, and timelines.

Editable Fields: Make key fields editable, allowing for customization of specific details without compromising the overall design integrity.

Privacy and Confidentiality Clauses: Articulate clauses addressing privacy and confidentiality concerns, safeguarding sensitive information exchanged during the agreement.

Review and Approval Section: Integrate a section for the review and approval of the agreement by all parties involved, promoting transparency and mutual consensus.

Signature Fields: Include designated signature fields for all parties to sign electronically, facilitating a secure and legally binding agreement.


Special Touches in Visme for your Agreement

Below is a list of great elements you can incorporate into your project to help your agreement achieve a polished and professional appearance, ensuring clarity, engagement, and a visually appealing presentation.

Brand Elements: Use the Brand Wizard feature to set up your branding into your Visme workspace, and to allow you to apply your branding easily – not only to Letterheads but to any other projects you create. The Brand Wizard will supply you with ready-to-use, fully branded templates in a variety of formats, which is a great way to jumpstart your template library and pull helpful design elements into your Letterhead, if you wish.

Graphics and Visual Elements: Add appropriate graphics, shapes, or icons to illustrate key points and include relevant images to enhance the overall appeal of your agreement.

Tables: Tables are used to organize information in a systematic format to create a relationship from one data point or detail to another. Columns within the table (which run vertically) should be labeled according to the information that falls in each cell of the Table, where the Rows (running horizontally) contain the information that then aligns with the Column heading/label. You can color and format your table’s cells and even the text/details within the cells to help your viewers’ eyes navigate information and key details more easily.

Interactivity: Use interactive “jump to” links to allow your readers to jump to specific details in the agreement from a table of contents. Agreements can be lengthy and include highly specific details – allowing your viewers to click and jump to more specific details they are looking for can help them navigate the agreement more efficiently and improve their experience to find the terms they are looking for. You can also include hyperlinks to other sources within your agreement, as well.

Collaboration and Feedback: Sometimes you will have agreements that need input from other team members. For example: If there are specific areas in the agreement that detail a Statement of Work (SOW), you may need to bring in other team members and relationship stakeholders to define points in that area of the agreement. Save time and bring your collaborators into your agreement drafts for direct input, feedback, review, and finalization.

Version History Control: Keep track of changes and versions using Visme’s version history feature. This helps in monitoring document evolution when multiple collaborators are involved.

Digital Review and Commenting: Agreements frequently involve review from all relevant stakeholders and parties. You can supply your audience with a viewable version of your agreement online using Visme’s publishing features, which also allow you to offer commenting access for your viewers. This allows your collaborators to leave visual comments and annotated tags to specific people. You can see those comments in the editor to determine adjustments, and use reply threads to achieve two-way communication with your stakeholders to get the agreement to final form.


How to Export and Share your Agreement

Now that your project is completed, how you showcase it and share it with your audience is the next key step. Let’s review Visme’s export and sharing options below to help you determine which one is right for your Agreement.

Export Options: 

Download your Agreement as a PDF – To obtain a high-quality and professional download for your agreement, save it as a PDF. If you plan to print it, download it as a PDF with bleed marks for optimal printing results. Here’s how to Download as a PDF.

Sharing Options:

Publish and share your Agreement – Publish your agreement and make it accessible to your desired audience through a shareable link. Here’s how to publish and share your Visme project.

Share your Agreement privatelyShare your agreement with a select few using a shareable link, while keeping it private from the rest of the world. Here’s how to share your Visme project privately.

Using Visme’s Sharing options as a Pro Plan user allows you to gain analytics for how your projects are being viewed online – Learn more about Visme’s Analytics here! 

Note: At this time, Visme does not offer a digital signing feature. If you need to have dual-signature to the agreement, you can provide your audience with a PDF file to sign it and return it to you. Alternatively, you may use an online digital signing platform to upload the PDF of your agreement and submit it to relevant individuals to sign. 

If you wish to sign the agreement right in Visme, you can upload an image of your signature into Visme’s My Files area and apply that to your agreement to perform signature to the agreement.

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