Designing & Editing

Using Photo Filters
How to make a flowchart
Text Tool 101
How to use Suggested Content?
How to add a Background
Creating your Own Custom Content Blocks
How to Use Content Blocks
How to Change Object Colors
Pictograph and Arrays
Uploading Images to Media Library
Connect and Import data into Charts
Customizing backgrounds
Using the Audio Library
Removing or Replacing Video
Adding and removing grids
When to use grids
Create pop-ups and rollovers
Link to another slide
Link to website, email or social media
Interactivity 101
Animation tips – Do’s and Dont’s
Animation 101 – Learn to animate
Tips for using background images
How to add and embed external online content
Adding background music
Customizing audio settings
How to Record Audio Voice Over
Uploading and Inserting Audio
Formatting and Styling Tables
Adding content to tables
Inserting Tables
Using video as a background
Video settings
Upload video
Infographic Widgets
Organizing photos using Media Library
Framing photos
Cropping or resizing photos
Uploading photos
Searching for Photos
Format Lines
Format Shapes
Adding and removing shapes and lines
Searching/Replacing shapes and Icons
Create a button from text block
Formatting Text
How do I add superscript or subscript?