The Basics

Resizing your projects
How to present your content
How to remove Visme branding and replace Visme logo?
How to duplicate a project?
How to reset your Visme account password
Downloading high resolution designs for print
Download infographics as multiple pages
Downloading Projects for Offline Use
How can I manage my subscription settings?
How can I upgrade my account?
Download Designs for Print
Crop marks and bleed
How to make your own printables
Setting Margins for Printing
Download a Presentation in Visme
Can I make my work Private?
Embed (insert) a Visme to your own website or blog
Managing advanced settings for Visme projects
Share and Publish to the Web
FAQ’s – Using Visme
FAQ’s – Design Tips and Questions
Where can I view my Payment History and Receipts?
Where can I manage my profile?
How to delete my account?
How to Unsubscribe from Emails and Newsletters
Download Your Design with Transparent Background
What can I create with Visme?
Importing Powerpoint Projects into Visme
Saving your Visme Projects
Who uses Visme?
FAQ’s – Account Management
FAQ’s – Preview and Rendering Issues
FAQ’s – Downloading and Publishing Projects
Why does text in my design download incorrectly?
What happens if I cancel my Premium account?
How to create a new Project
How can I delete a Project or Folder?
Sharing and Publishing my Visme
Download Presentation as Powerpoint (PPTX) format