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FAQ’s – Using Visme

Here are some of the common questions our users ask. So we thought it be best to answer them here for everyone to see.

Is Visme really free?

Yes it is and there is no limit on how long you use it free. About 80% of all functionality is free, and a few core features are available only to Premium users.

Why do we have premium plans? Last time we checked, running a great service costs money. We’re here for the long haul and at end of the day because we continually invest heavily in Visme’s Research and Development and like any other business have bills to pay; and last but not least are on a mission to provide the best service possible to our users and the best product we can build and support.    You can learn about our pricing structure here:  www.visme.co/pricing

Can I edit my project after I Publish it?

Yes. You can publish your project at anytime (even if you are not done creating it) and come back anytime to update and republish it. You can do this as many times as you like. You just need to click “Publish” for your recent updates to take place on your publish version.

Publishing a project will make it live (so it can be accessible via the the link Visme assigns it; naturally if you don’t provide the link to anyone else, they won’t see it (unless over time it is indexed by search engines such as google.

Can I make my projects private so only people I give a login to can view it?

Yes. When you click Publish on your project, you will also have the option to password protect it.   Password protecting a project will lock it, so even if someone has the link to your project, to view it they will need to enter the password you have selected.

Even if you make a project password protected; you can login anytime to your Visme account and continue updating that project and republish it when you need to.

You can also make a project private without publishing it. In such a case, only other users you collaborate and share the project with can view and access the project.

Can I duplicate a project?

Absolutely. After login, from the dashboard you can rollover any of your existing projects and then click “Duplicate” option on the lower portion of your project thumbnail. Remember to give a unique title to each of your projects so you can more easily locate it later.

Does my project get saved automatically or do I have to save it myself?

Visme automatically saves your project approximately every 10 seconds; So you don’t have to worry about having to constantly save your project. You will notice a Saving… note on top left panel of your project every so often.

Note: if a temporary network timeout occurs between you and our system; Visme will attempt to save your project again when connection establishes. However if you noticed the save feature is stuck in  “Saving..” status, it’s best to stop doing further work on your project and refresh your browser or login again.

Can I embed published projects to my own website or use it offline?

Yes and yes. When you publish a project you can select the “Embed to a website or blog” and then copy the embed code and insert it to the HTML portion of a website or blog you have access to. (This process is just like if you were to embed a Youtube video or any other snippet to your website).

You can also download your project as a JPG or PDF document (these will not contain any animation effects you may have applied);  or download as HTML which will retain all functions of your published project and can be opened in any browser offline for viewing (great to use if you want to present your project in front of an audience and concerned about internet access issues)

Can I edit my project after I publish it?

Absolutely. You can at anytime open your project in Visme and continue to update and make changes to it.  Your recent updates will only be reflected on your published version when you Publish it.

If I erase a project; will it be deleted permanently from my account?

Yes. A project you manually delete will be removed from your account. Delete projects only when you no longer need them. You can also duplicate an existing project.

Are my files available to other users of other accounts?

No. The files (such as image) that you upload to your Visme account are not shared with other users not associated with you.   Each user has their assets allocated under their own personal folders on Visme.   Example: if you upload an image under your account, that file will not be available in other Visme users accounts not associated with you to use on their own projects.

If I download HTML version for Visme for offline use, do I have any restrictions with my project?

From a Visme standpoint no, but there are some technical restrictions to be aware of.

When you download a project (HTML version of offline use), you will download the project and all its dependent files associated with it (ex. images, widgets, text, etc..). However you will have some restrictions.

If your project contains external content such as embed YouTube Vimeo or third party modules embed content,  if you view your project offline (no internet connection) such external content may not load properly.

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