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FAQ’s – Design Tips and Questions

Here are some of the common design related questions our users ask:

Is Visme only for creating Presentations and Infographics?

No. Although many of our users are utilizing Visme to create their Presentations and Infographics, Visme goes beyond these visual mediums.  Use Visme’s custom (blank) template to create any type of visual and pick your own custom size to create Web Banners, Short Animations, Facebook/Twitter covers, Flyers, short animations and virtually any other digital graphic.

Can I use Pantone / CMYK color on Visme projects?

Unless you are a graphic designer creating projects for professional printing you may not know or care much about Pantone/CMYK colors.

Pantone and CMYK colors are for Printing use and reserved for professional printers.  All Web/Display colors are by default RGB (Red, Green, Blue values) and they are the color formats supported by Visme.

Although Visme does not support CMYK colors, you can easily match such colors to Hex color codes which are supported by Visme.    If you have a custom Pantone/CMYK value you can find a close Hex color match here.

To select any Hex color within Visme,  use the Visme color pickers to select among millions of possibilities.

What is the resolution of my published projects?

Visme canvas size is based in pixels. (each pixel in laymen terms is a small dot on your screen).    The default resolution on most screens is 72 DPI (72 Dots Per Inch).   So to put into perspective 10 inches equals 720 pixels.

If you create your project from one of the available themes, the size of your project depends on the type of template you select.

If you want to create a project of your own with a specific size, you can choose the custom size option and input your own values.

The following are the default template sizes:

Presentations:  1024 X 768

Infographics:  800 X height varies to each template

Tip:  If you don’t a good understanding of pixel sizes, stick to using Visme templates.

Can I import my own Fonts?

Visme provides over 100 web and print friendly fonts as part of its library.  For technical (and legal reasons) you can’t import your own fonts.  However if you don’t see a font you want to use in Visme,  send us a support ticket and request it.

How do I remove the Visme brand on my projects?

By default all free accounts will have the presence of the Visme logo over the published project.    You can easily remove this banner by upgrading to a Premium account which will also provide you with other features and assets that are not available to free accounts.

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