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FAQ’s – Account Management

Can I keep my Free account long as I like?

Yes you can.  All Visme accounts start free and then you have the option to take advantage of our Premium plans which will give you access to some great features that are not available under the Basic (free) plan.    You are not required to upgrade to a Premium account;  use it long as you like and like many other users you may find the great benefits Visme Premium can give and upgrade if and when you decide to.

How do paid subscriptions work through Visme?

They are based on a Monthly or Yearly subscription.  You can decide when you first upgrade to Premium which plan and billing type you wish to have.    You can learn more about Visme plans here.    We recommend the yearly plan, because it will give you nearly 50% price reduction over the month to month option.

Do you offer discounts to Educational institutions?

Absolutely.  We give steep discounts over our regular pricing to teachers, schools and other related educational institutions.  You can save much as 80% off our regular pricing (little as $3/month).  Just go to this link and you can apply for an Educational License.

How do I remove the Visme brand on my projects?

By default all free accounts will have the presence of the Visme logo over the published project.    You can easily remove this banner by upgrading to a Premium account which will also provide you with other features and assets that are not available to free accounts.

Can I upgrade my account at anytime?

Yes.  All accounts start free.  You then have option to upgrade at anytime you wish to do so.  This is done by logging in to your account.  Then click on the “My Account” link on top of your Dashboard area.   You will then see your Visme account status and can select the appropriate option to update your account status.

How can I cancel my account?

Naturally if you have a Free account, there is no subscription to cancel; it remains a Free account.   If you have a Premium account, you can at any given time cancel your subscription.     This is done via the “My Account” area under your Dashboard after login. Note that once you cancel a subscription, your account will remain in Premium mode until your pay period ends, but it will no longer renew your subscription unless you come back and renew it again.

Where do I go to manage my Subscription settings such as ability to upgrade, cancel?

Login to your account.    Then click “My Account”.  All account related and subscription options are under this area.

I need to update my billing information; where do I do that?

This is also managed from the “My Account” area.  Once there click on the link at top of the your screen called “Billing info & History”.

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