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Creating Professional Letterheads with Visme

In the world of professional communication, a letterhead is like the face of your business or personal letters. It’s not just about aesthetics – it’s a smart way to demonstrate that you’re serious and can be relied upon. In this article, we’ll delve into the key elements of a professional-looking letterhead. We’ll also guide you through the process of creating one using Visme, ensuring your letters consistently leave a great impression. Let’s dive in and enhance the visual appeal of your correspondence!

Below is a collection of learning resources to help you hone in on your professional letterhead and elevate the overall impact of your business correspondence:

How to Start Your Professional Letterhead

Here you can find a vast collection of ready-to-use design templates to browse, which are all available in Visme to jumpstart your Letterhead. Once you find the template you like, select it to log into Visme and start working on it within the editor.

To create your Letterhead from within Visme: 

Open your web browser and visit the Visme website. Then, sign in to your Visme account or create one if you don’t have one.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll land on the Visme dashboard. Go to the left menu and click on Create New to start a new project.

In the drop-down menu for project creation, select Project and you’ll see different categories. To make a magazine, select the Documents category.

In that category, scroll sideways to find the Letterheads section, or use the search bar to easily locate it.. Click on it to see the Visme letterhead templates.

Check out the different letterhead templates available. Visme has lots of options for different industries and styles. When you find one you like, click on it to pick it.

When you choose a template, you’ll be redirected to the Visme editor. Here, you can change and edit everything in the template to fit your details.

Note: In this video, you’ll see how you can locate the template library and select a desired template for your project.


Key elements your Letterhead should include: 

Business Name and Logo: Ensure your letterhead displays your business name and logo, establishing instant recognition and reinforcing brand identity.

Contact Information: Include contact details such as phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses to facilitate seamless communication with your recipients.

Professional Design Elements: Incorporate clean and professional design elements that complement your brand, creating a visually appealing and cohesive look for your letterhead.

Tagline or Business Slogan: Consider including a clear tagline or business slogan that encapsulates your brand message, adding depth and resonance to your letterhead.

Legal Information (if applicable): Include pertinent legal information such as disclaimers, copyright notices, or other relevant details to ensure compliance and transparency.


Special Touches in Visme for your Letterhead

Below is a list of great elements you can incorporate into your project to help your letterhead achieve a polished and impactful appearance.

Brand Elements: Use the Brand Wizard feature to set up your branding into your Visme workspace, and to allow you to apply your branding easily – not only to Letterheads but to any other projects you create. The Brand Wizard will supply you with ready-to-use, fully branded templates in a variety of formats, which is a great way to jumpstart your template library and pull helpful design elements into your Letterhead, if you wish.

Graphics and Visual Elements: Elevate your letterhead by adding appropriate graphics, shapes, or icons that harmonize with your letterhead style. Perhaps you have specific services and product offerings in your business, and while your Letterhead doesn’t extensively include details those, you can include icons that visually convey your business offerings in the footer or in the header of your Letterhead – adding a nice visual touch to support the readers of your letter with an idea of what your business offers.

Backgrounds: Tailor your letterhead’s background to amplify visual appeal and overall aesthetics. Keep in mind: Letters are generally white background, but perhaps you want to add a subtle texture in your background that is washed out, or even a watermark that would be behind the text – the background of the document Letterhead can help you achieve that. Always be sure to have the right levels of contrast in the colors of your background to your text and other elements in the letter itself so your readers can gather the information in the letter effectively.

Images: Include relevant images that effectively convey your company’s identity, products, or services, improving the overall communication impact. You can apply these images in a sidebar and format your text boxes to border the images.


How to Export and Share your Letterhead

Now that your project is completed, how you showcase it and share it with your audience is the next key step. Let’s review Visme’s export and sharing options below to help you determine which one is right for your Letterhead.

Export Options: 

Download your Letterhead as a PDF: To obtain a high-quality and professional download for your letterhead, save it as a PDF. If you plan to print it, download it as a PDF with bleed marks for optimal printing results. Here’s how to Download as a PDF.

Sharing Options:

Publish and share your Letterhead: Publish your letterhead and make it accessible to your desired audience through a shareable link. Here’s how to publish and share your Visme project.

Share your Letterhead privately: Share your Letterhead with a select few using a shareable link, while keeping it private from the rest of the world. Here’s how to share your Visme project privately.

Using Visme’s Sharing options as a Pro Plan user allows you to gain analytics for how your projects are being viewed online – Learn more about Visme’s Analytics here! 

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