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Organizing photos using Media Library

Visme allows you to fully manage your images and media assets using its Media Manager.   The Media Manager is a powerful widget within the Visme editor and it allows you to upload images, rename, edit, delete and also replace images.

As you add more assets to your various projects, they will be automatically added to the Media Manager.  By default they will be shown in the parent directory of Media Manager so over time it makes sense to organized your assets using Folders and Labels.

Below are the simple steps on how to create and organize project assets into folders and Labels in  the Media Manager.

Creating and Managing Folders

Select Images icon from the left Tool Bar.

Select Images from Tool Bar

Select My Library which can be found at the upper left of the editor next to Upload Image.

Select My Library

Click on Create Folder which can be found lower left of the page.

Create Folder

You can name the folder based on your own naming convention. Click OK once done.

click OK once done

By default, the folder doesn’t contain any assets. You can add images or even documents (PDF) files in the newly created folder by selecting the folder itself and click Add Media located on the center of the Media Manager pop-up.

created folder

You can also go to the All Items which is the default location of Media Manager and simply drag and drop files to the desired folder the same way you can organize projects in your dashboard.

drag and drop images to folder to organize in Visme Media Manager

Creating and Managing Labels

You can also create Labels for your assets.  Labels are similar to Folders, but in case of Labels you don’t physically place projects into folders.  As a result you can apply multiple labels to an asset.

Select Labels icon besides Folder icon.

labels icon

You can create label by clicking on the + Create Label button.

create label button

Name the label and click OK button.

create labels window

For example an image can be assigned to a “Logo” and a “branding” label.   Applying labels also allows you to more easily search and locate assets (via the top left search bar).

You can assign labels to asset in two ways, one by simply dragging the image into the folder;

drag asset into labels

Or by clicking on setting icon at the side of the thumbnail like below.

settings icon

Navigate to Labels tab and select the Label you want the image to belong to. Click close button once done.

second way to put label into image

– You need to close the Labels window and open it again to see the image in its proper label.
– To add images or pdf files to the newly created folder, check this link.

image with label

Watch Video Tutorial:



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