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Formatting Text

There are many different ways to customize your text in Visme. To edit text, click on the text box. You will then see the following options.

On the top bar of the screen, you can change:

  • Font
  • Font Size
  • Link your text
  • Font Styles
  • Paragraph Alignment
  • Bullets
  • Text Box Background Color
  • Text Color
  • Setting
  • Insert Symbols
  • Effect

Formatting text tool panel

Change Font

To change your font, you first click on the text box. Once selected, at the top left of the panel, choose over 120+ fonts from the dropdown menu.

Once you have selected your font, the system will automatically apply to the text box.

Change your text fonts

Change Font Size

To change your font size, you first need to click on the text box to select. You then click on the down arrow at the top left panel to choose your font size or input your own size by typing in the number as shown below. You could also use +/- to increase or decrease the size.

Resize your text

To resize multiple texts size at the same time, you first hold down the Shift key on your keyboard to select and click as many texts that you want to resize. Once you have selected all the texts that you want to resize, you let go of the shift key. You will see a four-corner dots which means that the text has been selected. Reach to one end of the dot using your mouse and click and drag to your desired font size.

Resize multiple text at the same time

Text Link

In order to use the text link, you have to select and have your text box highlighted. You then click on link icon on the top left of the panel. You can link as Http link, Link to slide or Reveal hidden object.

Http link is when you want to input a website link. Once you are done, click Apply. Your text will show up underlined.

Link to slide allows you to link to another slide. This works when you are working on a presentation with multiple slides. This one also applies if you have multiple blocks in your Infographic.

Reveal hidden object is to reveal your object or text once you click on the object or text. Let’s look at the example below. Let’s say you want to reveal the body text of the Simplified engagement process. you would highlight subhead (Simplified engagement process) and then select the that body text in the dropdown. Once you applied, go to Preview at the top right of the screen. Hover your mouse over the underlined text, it will reveal the body text.

Text link to reveal hidden objects

Tip: To view the layers of all the objects and texts, click on Menu at the top left of the screen and select Show objects list in the dropdown. It will show up on the right panel. You can edit the name so it is easier for you to know what text or object is link to what.

You can also click Show Timeline to further control the time of each object coming in. 

Change Font Styles

You can change font styles: B for Bold, I for Italicize, or U for Underline.

Change your font styles to Bold, Italicize or Underline

Paragraph Alignment

You can set your text to align left, rightcenter or justify all lines.

Align your text to left, right, center or justify all lines

Bullet List

Bullets is useful when you want to emphasis on the list of information.

Click on Bullet List option in the top of the panel to add bullets. You can change bullet type, color, adjust text indentation and bullet indentation.

[green_number]2[/green_number][green_number_text]To delete the bullets, click Remove Bullet.

Bullet list for your text box

Text Background Color and Text Color

To add text background color, click on A letter with white background option at the top panel. Select a color and it will change the text background color to the color that you chose. If you want to remove the background color within your text box, simply choose the transparent color option.

To change color of the text. Click on A with red underlined.

Changing text box background color

If you wish to replace all the existing colors, you can replace them all simply by clicking on the Replace all option. For example, if all the objects and the texts within the project is in green and you would like them to change to a blue color, you will click that and it will replace all the texts and objects to blue which saves you time by not having to change the color  one object at a time.

Check mark will appear once you click on it indicating that it already applied.

Replace all color to another color

Text Settings Tab, you can customize:

  • Transform (change the case of the selected letter to uppercase, lowercase, etc.)
  • Border properties (add a decorative border around the edge of the text box)
  • Text Box Background Color
  • Vertical Padding (How much space between the text and the top and bottom edges of the text box)
  • Horizontal Padding (How much space on the left and right)
  • Line Height (How much space between each line of text
  • Letter spacing (How much space between each word)

Text box settings

You can choose to add a decorative border around the edge of the text box. First, make sure to have your border turn on. You can then change the style, color, fill color, thickness and roundness.

Add border to text box

Insert Symbols and Code Snippet

If you want to insert symbols (special character) or code, simply click Insert at the top panel.

Insert symbols and codes

Add Text Opacity and Drop shadow

Simply click on Effect at the top of the tool panel. Move the slider back and forth to adjust the percentage of the opacity.

Turn on Drop shadow to add drop shadow to text. You can change the drop shadow color, adjust the blur and offset.

Add opacity and dropshadow to text

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